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South African Reserve Bank

Gold coins purchased from the public 

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) only purchases gold coins that are deemed to be legal tender. These coins are:
  • Krugerrands
  • Natura range
  • Protea range
Customers wanting to sell commemorative gold coins or gold coins that are not deemed to be legal tender should approach a coin dealer.
Coins, including proof coins, are purchased for their gold content at the prevailing gold price. Customers are paid out in Rand. Payments to customers are processed electronically and customers receive funds directly into their bank accounts. A receipt is handed to the customer at the time of concluding the transaction.
The SARB purchases gold coins from the public from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 12:00 at the Head Office in Pretoria. These hours are subject to change during the festive season.
Documents required for gold coin transactions:
Private Clients
A valid green bar coded identity book or Smart identity card. In the case where the person is, for a reason acceptable to the Bank, unable to produce any of these, the Bank may accept the following:  
  • a valid South African passport;
  • a valid driver’s license;
  • a valid temporary identity document issued by the Department of Home Affairs; or
  • a birth certificate for a minor not yet in possession of an identity document. 
Proof of address less than 3 months old (for example, telephone account, rates and taxes account, levy account and retail accounts) must be provided by the seller.  In a case where the seller is unable to provide the bank with proof of residential address, an affidavit would be considered as proof of the seller’s address.  An affidavit should be in the form of a sworn statement from a commissioner of oaths such as the South African Police Service (SAPS) attesting to the correctness of the information given under oath.
Bank statements: an original bank statement, not older than three months; or a bank statement not older than three months obtained over the counter and stamped by the issuing branch.
Company / close corporations
In the event of the lawful owner being a company or a close corporation (CC), the registered name as well as the trading name should be provided if the two differ.  The physical address from which the company/close corporation operates should also be provided (if multiple addresses, the street address of the office wishing to sell the coin and the Head Office address must be obtained and verified).  In order to verify the identity of the above the following documents will be sufficient: 
  • Close corporation - Founding Statement and Certificate of Incorporation or Amended Founding Statement
  • Company - Certification of Incorporation and Memorandum of Incorporation and any other forms amending company information, as applicable (e.g. Certificate of change of name of company
  • Listed and public companies - No verification documents required
  • Other legal entities such as organs of state - a valid ID of the person representing the company must be obtained
  • In order to verify the address of the company / CC, any of the documents below will be acceptable:
    • a bank statement on  official bank documentation, Utility bill (municipal water & lights account or Property Managing Agent)
    • recent lease or rental agreement;
    • municipal rates and taxes invoice;
    • telephone or cellular telephone account; or
    • official SARS document (not E filing documentation). 
In cases where a client is acting on behalf of another person, the identity of the other person will be verified and the client’s authority to conclude the transaction on behalf of the other person will be established.  
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